23 October, 2006

Introduction to our services

Greetings to you!

It is my pleasure introducing Ladder 7 Financial Advisories, to you! Here, we help individuals to secure their future, through proper financial planning & through other advisories.

Is this needed ? Today, many of us are in well paying jobs and have fast-track careers. We earn well, but do not have the time to manage the finances. Money earned is invested without much thought, based on what some friend says or just lies in the bank. Worse still, it is frittered away in frivolous spending. Most people don’t realise that income is not wealth.

Why am I writing to you ? You would be interested in a secure & worry-free future, right? Why not give it some thought, take stock of what you have done till now and decide as to where you want to go from here… Then arrive at what is needed to achieve your goals. In short - planning. And then implementing and monitoring the progress. If this feels like so much work, you have us! Tame your dreams, with some professional help!

What is it you get from us ? Financial Planning is our main offering. Financial Planning is a Holistic Service that looks into your life goals and puts in place a plan to achieve that. There is no particular age group or station in life to look at Financial Planning.

This process mainly brings in the perspective and gives you a framework to systematically achieve your goals. It also forces discipline that may not have been there and helps you to sharply focus on the goals and achieve them with help from the Financial Planner. Got the drift…? Don’t drift!

Hold your horses- Take charge. Earning well is not enough. Hold the reins to your future, by taking control now. You will probably need a professional for that to guide you properly – for Financial services space has a bewildering array of products and drawing a plan in all detail may require a Financial Planner. You could do it too. But then like any professional a Planner brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience, that could be deployed for you. And save you a lot of time too…You need a jockey for your horse !

You can turn to us for help. You just focus on earning your money. We will ensure that it works for you. Other services offered as per need.

Planning achieves where luck fails! Call us for your “Success Planned”!

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