19 May, 2015

What you need to look for in an advisor

Dear Friends :

There was an article in Business Standard about how to choose a financial advisor.

The article was interesting in that it gives importance to ability of an "advisor" to choose products, how often an advisor reviews the portfolio, advisors investment mantra etc. The author himself is not clear on what constitutes an advisor.

He misses the point that those who offer advice across the board, should now be mandatorily registered with SEBI. SEBI registered advisories are Fiduciaries. Fiduciaries are those who put their client's interest above everything else. This infact is the most important aspect that a person taking advice should be concerned about. I have given that input in this article.

There are some interesting points worth noting. See the article below -

We are SEBI registered advisers. We are Fiduciaries. Your well being is our only concern.

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