07 September, 2016

The firestorm unleashed today...

Devotees are thronging all over, jostling for space. There is chanting, aarthi & abhishekam ( milk or other items poured over, bathing the deity ). It's still 4 o' clock in the morning & the horizon is turning a faint pink. So, if you thought it is some temple festival scene on an auspicious day, you are thinking on the right lines. But, you are wrong. It's not a temple scene at all. And it is not an auspicious day, in the religious sense.
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But, today is an auspicious day, a red letter day in Tamilnadu. It's the day when Kabali is being released!  The scene described was witnessed outside some movie theatres in TN! This happens only in TN, a land where Kushboo has a temple to herself & she presides over her people from her high seat in the Sanctum Santorum!

But, Kushboo, move over. Rajni Sir is different. He is a phenomenon in TN. He is that person, who will shoot a bullet and hold a blade which will slice the bullet into two & the sliced bullets will hit the two villans unerringly !  One bullet, two villans :) His prowess does not stop there either. It's where it all starts... reason why Rajni Sir creates a storm with his movie everytime !   Don't download Kabali - the whole Internet will stop! I was stopped at the nick of time, else you would all not have had internet today :)

Upshot -  I have not been able to see the movie yet. But, the story is all over the net. Kabali is the story of a worker in Malaysia, who is wronged, sent to prison & comes back, searches like hell for his family, strings them together again & in between annihilates sundry villans, . There is also the much hyped "Nerrupu da" staccato, to burnish his persona. 

Rajni & his screen wife ( Radhika Apte ) are supposed to have done a wonderful job. The inimitable Rajni style & panache is evident in the movie. Anu Vardhan has donned Rajni in dapper suits which adds polish to the Rajni Persona. Top notch cinematography too adds finesses to the Ouevre. 

However, independent reviews are not too flattering. Most of them are giving 2.5 -3 out of 5. You don't have to sport that long face after all, since you have not been able to see the first show. You may not have missed much!  

See some third party reviews here -

So, if you are working today instead of taking the day off watching Kabali, you have  been unwittingly right. Probably, we can see the same movie after a month in a theatre or in three months on TV and decide whether the movie was worth paying upto Rs.5,000 to enter the sanctum.  

Until then, there is work to keep company... and many, many more worthwhile movies to watch. 

Nerrupu da...  Kabali da...  Ippa vendam da  ( not now man )   :)

Reviewed by Suresh Sadagopan, who was happy to have watched this movie!

Suresh Sadagopan is the founder of Ladder7 Financial Advisories

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