28 November, 2016

What do you do when FDs are no longer lucrative...

FDs have been a weapon of choice for many when it comes to investing. Apart from being safe, these are uncomplicated products that are easily available in the friendly neighbourhood bank. 

But, alas, the party is coming to an end. FD rates are trending down and have gone below 7% mark.  With the tax & inflation biting into the returns, many are wondering what is left for them !

A real challenge especially for people in the retirement mode, who have a fixed corpus, income from which is dwindling. But, there are better options in debt investment space itself. Debt Mutual Funds present a great opportunity - people can worry less & earn more now ! 

You may be aware of it. But, here is a refresher which will be published on moneycontrol.com ..

Author  -   Suresh Sadagopan  | Founder | www.ladder7.co.in

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