21 October, 2015


I had spent my Sunday morning fruitfully – yesterday. I went to Everest – not the mountain, but the movie. :-)

Everest is the real story of a mountaineering expedition which had gone to scale Everest in 1996 – and disaster had struck the team. Don’t get all morose and think that since it is a disaster drama, it’s going to be oozy & wet with blood and tears.  Infact, it is anything but.

The movie eschews unnecessary drama which other Hollywood movies pile on, skyhigh ( seen Knight & Day?! ). The movie is taut without the melodrama - which Bollywood is famous for.  The movie is believable & captures human emotions quite realistically.

The majestic mountain is front and centre of this magnificently made movie. You feel you are there. Some of the scenes like the calving of the icefront of the mountain,  where the iceblocks come onto the camera, are mindblowing. 

The cast is good – the notables being Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightly, Josh Brolin, Sam Worthington... The cinematography is superlative. The shots are crisp & the angles capture how small we are when juxtaposed with the immensity of the mountain. The sweeps and  the panoramic views are awesome.  The background score is a bonus adding immensely to the viewing experience.
Oh, what a movie!  It was an elevating experience. See it in 3D.

This is my first movie review! Let me know if I should do this more often :-) or can it !

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