21 October, 2015

TV programs coming in fast and thick!

Dear Friends,

Suddenly there has been a flurry of activity in terms of my participation in TV programs. God has been very kind indeed :)

I did two shows in India Today TV some time back and again about a month ago. I'll be doing one more tomorrow.

Also, did a show for ET Now in the past few weeks. This show was interesting in that it had an audience and there was participation from the audience and Q&A sessions too, which I found to be a welcome diversion & hence enjoyable. For the first time, I saw about five cameras recording the show!

India Today TV program link -


ET Now program link -

I have just participated in what is a very important program ​with NDTV. Recording happened yesterday.

This program is called The Big Fight. Most of you might have seen this program which can be virtually on any subject. It's mostly anchored by Vikram Chandra.

This program is on What to invest in this festive season. The panelists apart from me were - Niranjan Hiranandani ( CMD, Hiranandani Constructions ), Ramdeo Agarwal ( Jt CMD, Motilal Oswal Securities ), Sanjeev Agarwal ( CEO, Gitanjali Exports ) & Gulam Zia ( Executive Director, Knight Frank ).

The sets were elaborate with a plethora of arc lights and again multiple cameras. Felt like Shahrukh Khan, being in the arc lights!

The seating was on shallow chairs - it looked like big fight panelists were wantonly put on the edge, during the program! There was an audience for this program. Questions & interactions with the audience was there - eminently moderated by Vikram.

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this program, which I would rate as the biggest in my career so far, on scale & prestige. The program is going to be aired on a Saturday before Diwali ( mostly 7th November ). I'll inform you of the exact schedule when I come to know about it.

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